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  • July 24, 2023

Podcast Episode-Do we have too many PILOTS and not enough PASSENGERS?

Are there too many general partner syndicators and not enough investors? Within the last 10 years…we have observed a lot of apartment transactions closed with the syndication investment model. As you know, a syndication model is like flying in an airplane. Pilot and passengers both perform critical roles to make a flight successful. The pilots are in the front of the airplane- they are the general partners- they are putting the deals together and making the operational decisions. The passengers in the back of the airplane… they are the limited partners. They are the investors in the deals that bring the bulk of the equity. Today, we have too many pilots and not enough passengers. We need more passengers (equity investors) to run a successful airline (apartment syndication.) Listen to the investment sales team at Rowan Multifamily Advisors in Dallas. They chat about recently closed transactions and why investors are buying or selling.