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What We Do

We apply our proven processes to a client-centric strategy and customized approach in each and every assignment.

What we do is all about you, informed by our market data-driven approach, set apart by our execution. Our services range from providing general consultation and advisory services to in-depth market studies and asset value analysis. We are here to be of service, whether you’re ready to sell or not.

Financial Analysis

We do the work so you won’t have to

Understanding the value of your multifamily asset is critical. We pride ourselves in giving honest evaluations. Many things affect property value, but we make sure to consider all of them before proposing a value range. Our investment sales team is remarkable at walking you through the process step by step. We do the work so you won’t have to, but we also do the work that other companies can’t because they don’t know your property or the market like we do. We provide all current and prospective clients asset evaluations at any time with no upfront commitment required.

Buyer Representation

We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you want a small building or an entire portfolio of apartments, we’ve got you covered. At RMA, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients’ investment goals and identify properties that exceed these goals. We do so by leveraging over 80 years of relationships in the Texas multifamily market. In addition to these relationships, RMA maintains an extensive and detailed property database that allows us to identify investment properties that are exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Sales Process

We don’t come to the table with a One‑Size‑Fits‑All mentality.

1 Determining the value

RMA understands the importance of having a finger on the pulse of your asset's value in today's ever-changing world. We have the tools and expertise to help owners & investors forecast cash flows, analyze tax effects, and weigh the future benefits that either sales or refinances can generate.


RMA takes pride in delivering unparalleled results ahead of schedule. We prepare a customized marketing plan that is targeted and strategic. Our marketing efforts get in front of the right eyes at the right time, leading to a successful closing.


With an internal database of thousands of local property owners, we readily have access to investors and decision makers. Every Buyer is thoroughly qualified and vetted before an offer is presented.


At RMA, we are committed to ensuring that all the critical dates in the escrow process are proactively managed to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. We closely manage all aspects of the escrow process including delivery of documents, title commitment, survey, third-party reports, physical inspections, and financing contingencies.


We're quick. We close transactions as fast as accuracy allows.